Sunday, April 23, 2017

Upcoming in the Library

Here is the story the 1st graders  wrote when Author Dashka Slater visited us at James John.

Once there was a fish named Selena.  Every day Selena liked to jump like a dolphin.  One day, Selena got sick from too much jumping.  When she had the fish pox, hair grew out f her mouth.  Because of that her owner gave her fish medicine stuff.  But the medicine turned her into a dinosaur.  But then her friend Pepe came over and Selena kicked Pepe and he had to learn Kung Fu.  Until finally Pepe gave Selena dinosaur-turn-back-into-fish medicine.  Now Selena studies Kung Fu and every once in awhile gives Pepe a bloody nose.

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Earth Day!
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April 27
Drawing for the April Reading Challenge
Grand Prize Winner $10 in scholastic dollars
25 winners of free books!

April 30 is el dia de los ninos!
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