Thursday, October 22, 2015

Coming Soon - James John Book Fair

Dec 7-10

Writers Unite!

Let your imagination roll AND you could win prizes as wel!

Try Story Starters, to write a wacky story.  Bring it in to Ms. Rolfe for the Wacky Story book.

Win a class visit from author Rick Riordon  
How?  Write an original mythology story that explains how something came to be.  Must be less that 2 pages.  Turn it in to Ms. Rolfe by November 18th. 

Has a book changed the way you think about yourself or the world?
Write a letter to the author describing how you changed, and you could win a prize!
In Oregon winners receive $100 and advance to the national competition;
runners-up receive $50; honorable mentions receive$25 bookstore gift card, and semi-finalists receive $10 gift card. Turn into Ms. Rolfe to be mailed December 1st  or January 8th.