Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Reading

"Mom," my son, Matthew, said to me yesterday, "could you please get your books off the living room floor!"
It's true. My stacks of summer reading books have taken over the living room. My goal is to read 100 pages a day. I didn't make it yesterday, but I think I can today.

My favorite books so far:
Small Steps by Peg Kehlert - a true story of the author's struggle with a illness that could have crippled her when she was a teenager. It took her almost a year to relearn to walk, and the story is sad and courageous and I admire her determination.

Alvin Ho by Lenore Look - if you liked Diary of a Wimpy Kid, you will love this book!

Artemis Fowl
by Eoin Colfer I loved the graphic novel, but liked the book even more. A fantasy about fairies, goblins, cool technology and tricks.