Monday, September 29, 2008

Books to activate Schema
Fractured Fairy Tales- books that rely on you knowing the fairy tale in order to find the humor or similarity
*The True Story of the Three Pigs by Scieszka
*STinky Cheese Man by Scieszka
*Manana Iguana by
*Grimm Sister Fairy Tale Detectives by Buckley - a novel about two children who are ophaned and go to live with a grandma they have never met. Read careful and you will find clues to fairy tale creatures

Books from a different perspective - books that rely on you knowing one way of thinking
*Very worst monster by Hutchins

Nonfiction books rely on you assimilating what you learned with what you know

Author studies rely on using what you know about the author to find themes
Patricia Polacco
Kevin Henkes
Doreen Cronin
Andrew Clements

Books that have a specific setting
Historical fiction
Iditarod books!

Books that travel through time
Magic Tree House books
Time warp Trio (I only recommend Knights at the Kitchen Table or Samarai Sam)