Friday, January 16, 2015

Battle of the Books
Congratulations to Harry, Marissa, O'lisia and Pierre
They will be representing James John when we battle Astor K-8 on March 4th

March 4th
James John Championship Team vs Astor Championship Team
3:00 at Astor Elementary

March 14th
OBOB State Regional Championship

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thank you Robin Lopez!

He bought a book for every James John student.

Happy Reading!

Mr. Sammons' Class loves reading!

Here is what is on Ms. Rolfe's reading list for Winter Break:

Wake up Missing by KAte Messner
Author margaret Peterson Haddix
, who wrote Among the Hidden, recommends it.  Grades 4-5
Foiled by a Jane Yolen     A girl hero graphic novel Grades 2-5
Low Riders in Space 
 by our own Cathy Camper Grades 3-5
Cathy brings us books from Books 2 You.  
She wrote a graphic novel about Lupe Impala who fixes lowriders.
Whatever After by Shara Mlynowski
The secret mirror takes Abby to a fairy tale, 
but she accidently cuts off Rapunzel's hair. Grades 2-4

Meanwhile by Jason Shiga
Not your average choose your own adventure graphic novel.  Grades 2-4

The Wing of Fire  
Series by Tui Sutherlin
I gotta keep up with the 5th graders